Cook Report Finds “Toss-Up” Governor's Race in Wisconsin

There is no doubt that the 2022 elections will be a referendum on the struggling Biden Administration and the recent performance of the Democratic Party. Metrics have shown support has shifted away from the party currently controlling Washington and, historically, the President’s party has done poorly in midterms in the first term. 

Down ballot races are also beginning to show cracks in the Democrat armor, including governor’s races. One such race is in Wisconsin.

The current Democrat Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, is one of the Democrats in the crosshairs of Republicans in this key battleground state. Recent reporting shows he may have reason to worry.

The Cook Political Report is a non-partisan institution conducting political analysis. They have recently reviewed several governor’s races around the country, including Wisconsin. They have now changed their forecast on that race from “Democrat” to “toss-up.”

A recent Marquette University poll also notes Evers’ drop in support among likely Wisconsin voters: Among registered voters, 40% say they would vote to reelect Gov. Tony Evers, while 53% would vote for someone else and 6% say they don’t know or decline to say. This is all great news for Evers Republican challenger, Rebecca Kleefisch.

Kleefisch was elected as Wisconsin’s 44th Lieutenant Governor in 2010, where she served alongside Governor Scott Walker for 8 years. The Cook Report findings were a win for her campaign. In a voter outreach email campaign, Kleefisch rallied her supporters:


We no longer have a moment to spare – 2022 is here and the election year is officially upon us. But this must-win governor’s race is going to come down to the wire…

The Cook Political Report has rated the race a 50-50 toss-up while polling shows 53% of voters would NOT re-elect radical liberal Tony Evers.

Winning this neck-and-neck race will all come down to our platform and strategy, which is why I just commissioned our official Election Year Survey to get input directly from YOU on these critical matters.

(Take her survey here)

With more than 6 months until election day, much can change in the political landscape. Time will tell if Republicans can capitalize on their underdog status and mounting momentum, or if Democrats will find a way to regain voters’ trust in time for Election Day. 

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