“Never Trump” Republicans Team Up with Democrats to Help Oust Trump

The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend” appears to be out the window this campaign season as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden receives help from a growing number of “never-Trump” Republicans who see a Biden victory as the best thing for their party — and the country — over the next four years.

From writers like David Frum and Andrew Sullivan to former President George W. Bush, some Republicans have been against Trump since his campaign began five years ago. This year, however, the anti-Trump movement on the right is much more organized and well-funded and ready to put its full muscle behind Biden.

Two groups, Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) and The Lincoln Project, have taken the lead on garnering GOP votes for Biden. Taken together, these organizations are a who’s who of conservative thinkers with leaders like Bill Kristol, George Conway, and Steve Schmidt.

The Lincoln Project quickly became known for its anti-Trump ads on TV and social media, specifically targeted to ensure President Trump would see them. In addition, the Washington Examiner reported that Republican Voters Against Trump planned to spend $10 million on TV and digital advertising in swing states.

Though the groups exist independently, they maintain that they’re united around a common goal of removing Trump from office this fall and sharing that message with voters they believe can be persuaded to vote for Biden.

“We’re all on the same team,” RVAT co-founder Tim Miller told the Washington Examiner. “Based on what we’ve learned, what resonates with them [potential voters] is hearing from authentic voices like them who understand their perspective rather than being lectured to by Democrats from D.C.”

For their part, Democrats have mostly welcomed the help to rally behind Biden. Since 2016, several center-left groups have been calling for increased bipartisan action and cooperation across the aisle in an effort to show Republicans that not all Democrats are far-left firebrands.

Democratic group American Bridge recently announced that it would spend $25 million on a swing-state advertising campaign designed to weaken Trump’s support among voters in small towns and rural areas — many of the same people that Republican groups like RVAT and The Lincoln Project are also targeting.

American Bridge’s latest campaign focuses on the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19.

“Donald Trump risked seniors’ lives by pushing states to reopen too fast and without a plan. Now Trump is using the same dangerous playbook and gambling with the health of students, teachers, and parents by recklessly forcing schools to fully reopen without a plan — and threatening their funding if they don’t,” American Bridge 21st Century President Bradley Beychok said in a statement. “We’re going to hold Trump’s feet to the fire because no parent or teacher should be forced to choose between their life and our students’ education.”

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Image Credit: Photo by Elio Santos on Unsplash

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