Who’s In Charge? The Team Behind Trump’s Re-Election Campaign

  • Efforts to organize President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign are already in full swing.
  • Trump’s campaign is headed up by campaign manager Brad Parscale, who served as the digital media director during the 2016 campaign.
  • As the 2020 election nears, look for more fundraising efforts and more digital presence from the Trump camp as it seeks to solidify staff and mobilize its core supporters.

President Trump has wasted no time getting organized for his re-election campaign in 2020. In fact, on the day of his inauguration in 2016, he filed the re-election campaign with the Federal Election Commission. As his inaugural term nears its end, the 45th President of the United States is already re-assembling the troops to tackle what is sure to be a contentious election cycle.

Even though the organization efforts are in full swing, the campaign staff may look different than the one hired on to run the 2016 iteration of Trump’s campaign. With the 2020 Republican National Convention, set to be held in August of next year, the Trump camp and its upcoming new slogan, “Keep America Great”, is preparing to do battle.

The Trump camp is headed up by Brad Parscale, the campaign manager who served as the digital media director during the 2016 campaign. Parscale has been a member of the Trump team dating back to 2011, when he was first tasked with updating the exploratory campaign website. He also previously worked on web design for Trump’s various golf websites — an unusual but serendipitous introduction to 45.

Widely touted as a guru of the digital world, Parscale has the tools and expertise needed to take control of the digital space — a critical battleground in today’s election environment.

“We are creating the largest and most efficient campaign operation in American history with the ability to reach more voters than ever before,” Parscale told the Associated Press.

Indeed, Trump realizes he must up the ante on this re-election campaign. With a consistently strong group of core supporters, he still faces a battle as numerous hopeful Democrats have already thrown their names into the hat for a chance to challenge him. Whichever candidate ends up going toe-to-toe with Trump, his newly bolstered staff will be up to the challenge.

As Parscale and the rest of the campaign staff, which includes Michael Glassner, committee manager, Tim Murtaugh, communications director, and Cole Blocker, finance director, scale up their operations, one of their goals is to lower the high rates of turnover that plagued the last campaign.

As a longer-standing employee of the Trump campaign, Parscale sets a precedent for loyal members of the campaign who are dedicated to the end goal. Additionally, fundraising will be a big focus for this campaign, as the official word to this point is that Trump will not be self-funding this run as he did in 2016.

Already, the campaign has spent heavily on digital advertising. In fact, the Trump campaign is already out of the gate in 2019 with the one of the highest digital spends on age-targeted Facebook advertising — spending 44% of its budget to target those age 65 and older on the social media platform.

In contrast, Trump’s Democratic counterparts are only spending about 27% of their budget on similarly targeted ads. For this election cycle, turning out the older vote will be instrumental and crucial to success.

Parscale, with his prowess in the digital space and social media, should make a capable campaign manager for a campaign that is already highly digital. As the 2020 election hurtles closer, look for more fundraising efforts and more digital presence from the Trump camp as the team seeks to solidify as much support as it can drum up.

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